If asked to describe myself, there are many words I could use. But the first one that comes to mind is horseperson. I'm a rider at my core, and horses are not just a hobby of mine--they are part of who I am. Maybe the largest part.

The purpose of this blog is not only to serve as a training log, but also as a tribute to my best friend.

03 August 2011

"it's a fight between my heart and mind
no one really wins this time"

Whew. Another couple of very busy days. In the time since I've last posted, my friend Jody has exercised Randy twice (Sunday, July 31 and today, Wednesday, August 3) and I have exercised him once (Tuesday, August 2). So he's getting some work in, but I certainly miss being out at the barn.

Work has been crazy, but enjoyable so on most counts. I'm a little bummed because Jason, one of my coworkers, is leaving to take another position. I'm so happy for him--he deserves this--but it's going to be rough for the first bit without him. I am also the kind of person who becomes very attached to other people, and I definitely bonded with Jason during the nearly two years I worked with him. He's a good person and friend. Luckily, the rest of my department is composed of other good people.

 PR family photo... Jason will always be family!

One thing about Jason leaving is that I may be asked to travel a bit more with the team. I'm totally torn about this. I want to travel very badly and had, in fact, been meaning to approach it with my boss for some time now. It's a big step for my career. But traveling means being busy every. single. weekend. Either working our home games or traveling with the team to away games. So it would be extremely difficult to keep up my riding (though I still believe I could opt out of one or two games due to prior commitments like Rocking Horse).

I guess it's too early to worry about that right now. I have to concentrate on what is going on now and see how things shape up at work. But this is certainly the most inconvenient season I could have picked to desperately want to travel!

On the riding side of things, Jody was pleased with Randy both times she rode him. On Sunday they worked on lots of lateral movements and really trying to get him to rock back on his haunches at the canter. We've been having issues bending left, and I definitely felt that on Tuesday... we had a couple mini-tantrums on his end. I really should get a chiropractor out to check him over, but I just don't have the money right now. He's sound and working well, just giving some signals that it's not as comfortable for him to bend that direction.

He is also due for his Legend, which may have something to do with it.

My poor old man...

I hope to get out to the barn on Friday and Sunday. Friday for more flatwork and Sunday for some jumping. Cross your fingers that my scheduling holds!

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