If asked to describe myself, there are many words I could use. But the first one that comes to mind is horseperson. I'm a rider at my core, and horses are not just a hobby of mine--they are part of who I am. Maybe the largest part.

The purpose of this blog is not only to serve as a training log, but also as a tribute to my best friend.

07 August 2011

fitting it all in

"so please forgive me when we meet again,
for staying away so long,
i've just been out there in the dawn,
singing my early morning song."

I thought I was going to be fine to ride on Friday, as it was a one-a-day practice due to end by 4:30. But Tampa weather conspired against me, and a rain delay forced everything back. The day really cleared up nicely, but I wasn't home from work until 8 PM as opposed to 5:30, so I didn't get a chance to head to the farm.

However, my boss told us not to hurry in to work Saturday morning (two practice sessions, 10:30-noon and 7-9), so I set my alarm for the wee hours and headed to the barn around 5:15 AM.

After using the flashlight app on my phone to find Randy in his pasture, I pulled him to the barn and got ready to ride, heding my bets that it would be starting to lighten up outside by the time I was tacked and ready to go.

I was right, but just barely!

Worked a little flat schooling because I didn't have time to set fences. We had a decent ride... he threw a few little tantrums when I began asking him to really try and be through, which was frustrating. He will get his Legend and Ichon tomorrow, though, which I think will do wonders. Unfortunately, the old man needs a little special care!

I manged to get back home by 8:30 AM, where I grabbed a shower and headed in to work. It was a pretty long day, because we had a morning practice, then, instead of our regular evening practice, we hosted Night Practice at the stadium. That's a big fan event, and while a lot of fun, is also a lot of work. But things went smoothly enough. I was home by 10:30 PM, and while I knew some people from work were meeting out for some drinks, I also knew I wanted to ride early on Sunday, so I decided just to go to bed.

This morning, on Sunday, I was out at the barn by 8:30... later than I had hoped, but oh well.

It was also a player day off today, which meant a day off for me, too! I actually had time, after schooling, to clean tack and just chill out a little. 

But tomorrow is right back at it with another two-a-days, so no riding for me. I'm hoping to fit one in on Tuesday, and Jody will probably ride Randy on Thursday and Friday, since I'll be traveling to Kansas City for the first preseason game against the Chiefs.

Good lord. This might be more difficult than I thought!

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